In times of economic uncertainty, people recognize the need to make informed financial decisions to improve their fiscal well-being and prepare for the future. To meet this need, broad financial education has become a desirable benefit that employers and organizations provide for their workforce or participants.

When choosing a financial education course it is important to select a program that can meet the needs of a wide variety of people. Our comprehensive workshop, The Complete Financial Management Workshop, is well suited for working individuals who need to prepare for retirement and make prudent financial decisions to help protect their families and manage their assets. It will provide people in your company or organization with a strong foundation in six key areas of personal finance:

Risk Management

  • Managing money and assets
  • Protecting the family’s future
  • Determining how much insurance is enough

Cash Management

  • Creating better cash flow
  • Understanding budgets
  • Managing debt
  • Building net worth

Investment Concepts

  • Assessing Investment Risk
  • Avoiding common investment mistakes
  • Reviewing Investment options
  • Balancing volatility and stability
  • Funding a college education

Tax Management

  • Using tax-favored strategies
  • Understanding the benefits of tax-deferred or tax exempt strategies

Retirement Planning

  • Calculating the cost of retirement
  • Evaluating various sources of income
  • Selecting appropriate investments
  • Avoiding penalties on retirement plan distributions and rollovers

Estate Conservation

  • Strategies for passing your estate to your heirs
  • Keeping an estate out of probate
  • Finding ways to reduce estate taxes
  • Benefits from trusts and charitable giving strategies

Employers Benefit

  • Increased participation in benefits programs
  • Positive impact on employee morale
  • Helps reduced cost associated with tardiness and absenteeism due to financial stress
  • Becomes a valuable recruiting tool
  • Encourages a culture of self-reliance and increases support for company/organization values
  • Helps meet regulatory guidelines and reduce ERISA related liability

Employees Benefit

  • Improves overall financial well-being
  • Shows importance of saving for retirement
  • Explains the importance of allocating assets to help reduce investment risk
  • Increases confidence in making financial decisions
  • Improves knowledge of fundamental investing strategies and paying for college education
  • Potentially reduces worry about finances
  • Encourages a focus on developing an overall lifetime financial program

No workshops are currently available. Please periodically check for future times and dates.